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Learn about the Worst Viruses Present in the World

The viruses have existed since the time memorial, and they have been evolving for several years. Some of the viruses that exist are well-known in their capability of leading out to an explosive cause of a disease, and at levels, the outbreaks usually ends up being pandemics. Some of the most virus which leave a large number of population worried is those who are very destructive, and yet no cure or vaccine has been found. By reading this article one will be in a position to learn more on the various viruses that have been discovering in the recent which have no cure bit vaccine.

The first virus that we are going to have a look at is the zika virus. The first case of the zika virus was first discovered within the states of America. The zika virus leads to many health problems which include congenital disabilities and many other. Where those people who get infected with the zika virus underwent a lot of suffering the world health organization ended declaring zika as a health menace that was putting the whole world at risk. Here, the Zika virus was known to cause problems leading to the birth of children with tiny heads than the expected size and also the children suffered from low brain capacity. The zika virus was raising a lot of concern since the mosquito was the primary agents which were known to carry the virus from one person to the other.

The Ebola virus is the second kind of the infections which one can term as being vigorous since it has the capability of leading to an outbreak. The place where the Ebola virus and been identified to be very prominent is within the African continent. The most worrying issue that is not entirely well known is the means by which the Ebola virus is spread, however, it is mainly attributed to being passed through the body fluids.

Moreover, the third type of the virus that one is likely to come across which is termed as being very dangerous is the Lassa fever. The reason as to why the Lassa virus is termed as dangerous is the fact that one can get infected by the virus and one may not end up knowing about it. The fact that no symptoms are observed with the Lassa virus it comes very hard for the virus to be diagnosed. The main methods in which the virus is known to be transmitted is through the contact with body fluid which is infected. Where one was infected with the Lassa virus it would be observed that at a later stage, one would bleed from the eyes and the gums.

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